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You will be asked to enter your name, email address and other details when completing online forms on this site in order to contact us, apply to join or provide feedback. The purpose of collecting this data is to enhance communications between us and our members or other site visitors, maintain accurate membership records, and advise you of matters relevant to our work.

We store a small amount of personal data in order to maintain user accounts. This is in order to personalise the experience of these users. However login via user account is currently limited to members of the committee for site maintenance, monitoring and development purposes only.

We rely on a trusted web service provider to help us operate our web site, including storing the above personal data. We employ appropriate security measures in conjunction with our provider to protect your data. We do not pass on any personal data to other third parties unless required to by law.

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Our policy on use of cookies

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We do not knowingly use tracking cookies or other intrusive techniques.

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The operator and data controller of this web site is The Bishopston Society whose officers etc are set out in About us/Committee.

We believe that the policies and practices employed in running this web site comply with relevant law and best practices, including data protection legislation, the EU e-privacy directive, and other requirements and guidance - see for example The information and advice offered by in defining our policies and practices is gratefully acknowledged.

Please contact us or provide feedback, however if you think that any aspects of these policies is deficient, unclear or in need of development. Any changes to these policies will be posted on this page. See also our Legal Notices.


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