P1140200The proposals are to bring the Grade 11 listed building of the Bristol North Baths back into use as offices through minor alterations to recently added partitions.


The following proposed changes have been submitted to the council's planning applications department and their response is expected before Christmas.

Supporting the offices will be a café and break out area as well as a gym. Externally the previously consented accessible entrance fronting the Gloucester Road will be installed and a secondary pedestrian access re-instated on the south corner off the Gloucester Road for ground floor tenants. Further west along the lane on the south of the building, secondary access will be provided for first floor tenants with direct access to a staircase. Previous proposals for car park, cycle storage and recycling are to be completed.

P1140199Internally the historic fabric will be retained throughout. On the ground floor, minor alterations to existing partitions and addition of new ones will be done to provide a series of small office, meeting rooms, café and break out space, gym, toilets and changing facilities. These ground floor office spaces will be let to start up and incubator tenants.

P1140198On the first floor, all existing partitions will be removed and new ones added to create two pairs of open plan offices.