streetsceneThe next BCR Street Scene “drop in” session is at Bishopston Library on Monday February 11th 4.30 to 6 pm. This is our regular slot on the second Monday of each month.

If you want to know how to report problems, have comments on the service you are receiving from BWC or BCC, or want advice about organising a local action session then come and have a chat.

Action hour” Sessions.

We have been asked to resurrect the action hour sessions. These will be on the 4th weekend of each month from March to November, either the Saturday or Sunday. Day/ Place/ time to be posted nearer to date via BCR SSG Facebook, BCR SSG newsletters, BCR Community Partnership, RCAS and Bishopston Society websites/Facebook pages. These action hours were stopped last year as we were too stretched, we still are so we need other street champions to step up and commit to working as one of the co-ordinators for each session. We hope the first action hour will be on Sunday March 24th along Happy Lane and Ashley Down road. This will be confirmed next month.

Litter picking.

February and March are really the best times for litter picking, before the grass/vegetation starts to grow and hide the litter for another year. Many of you now have your own litter pickers so why not get friends and family together and do a bigger litter pick then usual. You can get more litter pickers and bags from BWC:  bristol waste

Trade waste

trade wasteThose following us on Facebook know that Rob Umphray has been campaigning for the last two years to get better trade waste enforcement along our section of the A38 corridor.

Quote from Neighbourhood Enforcement Facebook page.

“We are already seeing the impact of the commercial waste operation on the Cheltenham Road and side streets. Neighbourhood Enforcement Officer, Dave, has been serving notices on business relating to how to store waste and also to evidence how they dispose of their waste. He has also issued 6 Fixed Penalty Notices on businesses for not complying with the notices, either failing to store their waste correctly or failing to demonstrate how they dispose of their waste. We have been supported in this operation by Rob Umphray BCR Street champion who has highlighted the most problematic businesses and where businesses have failed to comply. Dave is continuing to work his way along the Gloucester Road and will ensure on going compliance is regularly monitored where notices have been served.”

If you need to contact enforcement, please use the generic Neighbourhood Enforcement Team email address then the issue can be logged, and work scheduled.

The Enforcement team have a Facebook page, so you can follow what is happening


BCR Street Scene need donations please.

The BCR Street Scene along with its predecessors the Gloucester Rd Task Group and the Bishopston Anti-graffiti volunteers have not had to charge for any of the work we have done in the past because we were funded initially by BCC and then by the Neighbourhood Partnership. Unfortunately, except for a donation from the GRBID, for the shops below Pigsty hill we have had no new funding, so we are fast running out of money.

The funding is basically so we can remove graffiti free of charge. Many will ask why shouldn’t the resident pay? There are many reasons why residents do not remove tagging, too elderly or disabled, cannot be bothered, not sure how to, too large to tackle, erroneously believing that if a tag is removed it will encourage more tags. Unfortunately we often have to persuade owners to allow us to remove tagging from their property so having the ability to say there will be no charge gets us the permission we need. We are very grateful for those residents who just get on with removing tags. We are always happy to give advice but with a property covered in tags this often leads to a whole area being blighted with tags.

graffiti beforeSo, if you want to see BCR Street Scene work continuing please send a donation either by cheque made out to BCR Street Scene Group

and send to:  BCR Street Scene Group, c/o Mrs Elizabeth Kew, Flat 58 Centre Quay, Lower Burlington Road, Portishead. BS20 7AX

graffiti afteror: by Bacs transfer to BCR Street Scene group, Nat West Bank, Bishopston Branch, Account number 71244069 Sort code 60-02-38