GCCCfloodsFollowing the Residents' Meeting at the Cricket Club in April, a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Cricket Club, cricket matches and the floodlights has been compiled by Matt Jones, Bristol City Council Neighbourhood Officer.

The responses have been provided by various of the stakeholders involved.

For any follow up queries please contact the relevant parties directly using the contact details provided.

Flood Lights
Q. How many times per year will the flood lights be on? 
A. Up to 15 excluding maintenance and testing
Q. What times will the flood lights be on? 
A. This will vary according to the type of match played but for T20 and 50 over matches we are expecting them to be on from 17:00 to 17:30 to c. 22:00 but we do have the option of having the lights on from 10am until 11pm although in nearly all cases matches will have finished earlier.
Q. Will the flood lights be used for practice matches? 
A. Not in 2016 at present
Q. Why are the flood lights not retractable? 
A. Retractables were considered at some length by all parties during the planning process but ultimately were dismissed on the grounds of their increased size (notably at the base), additional maintenance requirements, cost and the visual impact on immediate neighbours to the ground when retracted.
Q. Is there anything that can be done to reduce the glare from the flood light posts? 
A. This is expected to weather within a period of 12 months and if this isn't the case the Club may look into other mitigation options.
Q. How do we make a complaint to GCCC? 
A. The easiest route is via email to or by calling 0117 910 8000
Q. Where can I find the planning application? 
A. http://planningonline.bristol.gov.uk/onlineapplications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=ND9SXEDNLZ600
The planning application for ‘proposed installation of 6 no 45m tall permanent floodlights’ was approved, subject to planning conditions, at the Development Control Planning Committee on the 29th April 2015.
Q. Where can I find the Floodlight Management Plan? 
A. http://planningonline.bristol.gov.uk/onlineapplications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=ND9SXEDNLZ600 
Q. What were the results of the flood light testing? 
A. All light levels measured were below those predicted and therefore there is no requirement for any further action to be taken.  
Q. Will Bristol City Council guarantee they will not be extending the current planning permission in the future? 
A. BCC planning cannot ensure that a further planning application is not submitted BCC are not the applicant or the cricket club’s planning agent. If any future planning application is received on the site, BCC have a duty to assess it as the Local Planning Authority.
Q. Is GCCC offering compensation to those residents affected by the artificial floodlight pollution levels, e.g. blinds etc? 
A. Where appropriate the Club will contact residents to discuss this further. There is no generic or financial compensation available.
Q. Why has the light spill level from the floodlights been approved even though it is higher than English Cricket Board and ILE guidelines? 
A. The planning application was subject to significant public consultation and extensive negotiations took place with the applicant and agent to find a lighting solution to meet the detailed requirements of the club with regards to enabling international games to be held, whilst minimising residential amenity impact and the visual impact of the proposal. A detailed report was produced reviewing alternative lighting solutions for the grounds, including the use of retractable lights, removable head frames etc. The approved solution follows a detailed review of all available options and consultation with technical specialists, council officers and the local community both prior and post the committee deferral. Independent light engineers verified the approved 6 pole solution as the optimum choice. A rounded head frame was approved in place of the previous rectangular head frame proposal and it is considered that the revised design is an improvement on the original design submitted. 
It was acknowledged at planning committee that the floodlights would have a harmful impact on residential amenity through light pollution, whilst the approved Floodlight Usage Management Plan will serve to minimise the impact. This includes controlling the use of the floodlights in respect of times, frequency of use as well as procedures to ensure ongoing communication with local residents. It was further acknowledged that the floodlights would visually harm both the immediate setting, including harm to the setting of the adjoining
listed building and longer distance views of the site. The identified harm has been weighed against the significant public benefits that would arise in terms of the cultural and economic significance of the Cricket Club through its ability to host international matches that would otherwise be played elsewhere. It was agreed by the Members of the Planning Committee that this significance outweighs the harm caused by the proposal.

Issues on match days
Q. What can I do about problem parking on match days? 
A. Issues of obstruction should be reported to the local policing team by dialling 101. Issues of parking on double yellow lines, on zig zags or in bus stops should be reported to Bristol City Council Parking Services  Email: Dial: 0117 922 3091. 
Q. What is GCCC doing about problem parking on match days?
A. The Club have increased parking in the ground for members and where possible are discouraging spectators from driving to matches and if they do to move towards the main entrance at Ashley Down Road and the car parks the club shares with the local City of Bristol College. Crucially the 18:30 start for the better attended T20 matches means that the vast majority of the students using the college car park will have departed by then. The Club has also reviewed it's park and ride offering and continues to work with the First bus group to improve the frequency of services to the ground.
GCCC have paid Bristol City Council in excess of £80k over 2 years ago to deliver improve parking management in the area.
If residents have witnessed what they feel to be illegal parking on a match day and feel it is from a visitor to the Club then they are welcome to inform the Club in the first instance although ultimate removal or sanction will come from the local authority / police
How many car parking spaces does the club have for match days?
A. 300
Q. What is the club doing to mitigate the impact on match days relating to traffic? 
A. As above the Club has already improved the parking offering and information relating to match day parking for this year. It has also had an updated traffic management plan approved by the council in May 2016 and will continue to work with the local authorities to ensure the £80k contribution it made two years ago is spent appropriately. The Club is also actively supporting the re-opening of the Ashley Hill railway station. 
Q. What is the club doing to mitigate the risk of anti social behaviour of people visiting the ground? 
A. The Club have agreed that for Natwest T20 Blast matches in 2016 we will have an informal and on occasion (dependent on the size of the crowd) formal police presence. The Club have also increased their stewarding by about a third and plan to locate stewards on key local streets adjacent to the ground to enable crowd departure.
Q. What is the club’s alcohol licence arrangements? 
A. The Club has a licence from the local authority for regulated entertainment and the sale of intoxicating liquor (“premises licence”). If individuals have any concerns over the licence they should please contact the Club in the first instance and if further information is needed then the Council’s licensing officer.
Q. What should we do if we witness anti-social behaviour in the streets after cricket matches? 
A. If residents have witnessed what they feel to be anti-social behaviour on a match day and feel it is from a visitor to the Club then they are welcome to inform the Club in the first instance and if required, the local authority / police. 
Q. Who will manage the crowds making their way to and from the matches? How will they be managed? 
A. The Club has a selection of stewards and volunteers who assist spectators in leaving the ground considerately with a particular focus on T20 matches. For the 2016 season some of these stewards will be positioned on roads immediately adjacent to the ground to aid departure although it is important to note they have no legal authority on a public highway. Local police will also be in the area.
Q. What should we do if we experience excessive noise nuisance from events (ie not cricket matches) at the Cricket Ground. W
A. Contact the Club on 0117 910 8000 or on 07770 541799
Q. How is music from GCCC audio speaker system being managed at T20s and International games?
A. All music is managed from the match day control room within the Club offices. Volume levels will vary around the ground dependent on speaker location. If concerns are raised they should be directed to the Club in the first instance and, if required, the pollution control team at the City Council.
Q. What is the Security Provision Plan now that GCCC has changed its strategy and become an International venue for cricket? 
A. We have been hosting regular international cricket at the ground since 1999 so there is no change in strategy.
Q. What plans are in place to ensure the vans, trucks and lorries which access the GCCC site prior, during and after these new large scale events do so in a managed way so as to keep the noise and traffic disturbances to local residents to a minimum? 
A. As at question 24, there is no change in strategy in relation to being an International venue, we have been a destination for International Cricket for nearly two decades.

Q. What is the club doing to engage with the community?
A. The Club does a huge amount across Bristol and Gloucestershire to support Charitable, Educational and Community initiatives. More details of these can be found at:
http://www.gloscricket.co.uk/community-programme/ and at http://www.gloucestershirecricketboard.com/schools . The Club would encourage residents to be involved in these projects and the countless others that the Club is involved in.
Q. What is the Living Room Project? 
http://livingroomproject.org.uk/ ‘Our aims are to work with stakeholders of Living Room Project to A. improve the social and physical surroundings of the area. To create a public space that will improve the liveability of the neighbourhood and the wellbeing of its users.’
Q. Who are Howzat? 
A. We are HowZat? Residents' Group and we do not oppose sustainable development at the Cricket Ground, which is in keeping with its siting in a densely built-up residential area, but seek to mitigate the adverse effects. https://howzatgccc.wordpress.com/ 
Q. Is GCCC paying the cost of the public services required to administer the new competitive programme of games the floodlights have brought to their venue, such as the cost of the Police and other BCC staff and officials? 
A. Yes, where appropriate.

Key contacts 
Gloucester County Cricket Club 
• Will Brown GCCC CEO   
Bristol City Council Environmental Health: Complaints regarding lights and noise
• Mark Curtis 0117 922 2500, option 4 https://www.bristol.gov.uk/pests-pollution-noise-food/noise-pollution for further information and to report online  
Traffic Management 
• Bristol City Council Parking Services (for parking problems on double yellows lines, school zig zags and bus stops)  
• Obstructive parking e.g. blocked driveway Call the police on 101.  
Other contacts 
• Bristol City Council Highways Service tel. 01179036822 
• Bristol City Council Planning (Katie Dryden is the relevant contact) 0117 922 3000
• Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership (a Partnership of councillors/ partner organisations and representatives of community groups/ organisations, local residents in Bishopston, Cotham and Redland wards and advocates for sections of the community) www.bcrnp.org.uk https://www.facebook.com/bcrnp/ 
• Howzat (We are HowZat? Residents' Group and we do not oppose sustainable development at the Cricket Ground, which is in keeping with its siting in a densely built-up residential area, but seek to mitigate the adverse effects) https://howzatgccc.wordpress.com/ 
• Living Room Project (aims to work with stakeholders of Living Room Project in Ashley Down to improve the social and physical surroundings of the area) www.livingroomproject.org.uk www.facebook.com/livingroomproject.org.uk  • Peter Hall Ground operations manager / Safety officer GCCC
• Police David Said PCSO https://www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/officerprofile.aspx?id=4640 or via 101 
• Bishopston Councillors:   

If you know any other groups or individuals that would find this information useful please pass on.