Anti-social and nuisance behaviour, although not common in St Andrews Park, has become an increasing problem in the summer months, particularly for those living on the roads immediately adjacent to the park.

A first time visitor to St Andrews Park will almost certainly be impressed with the number, size and variety of its trees.  While it is a relatively small park, it is well endowed with trees thanks to its Victorian creators.

Behind the smart blue hoardings on the Gloucester Road, work is proceeding apace on the conversion of the Bristol North Baths    into a health centre and the construction of the new Bishopston Library.


Clive Stevens, Chair of Bristol Tree Forum writes:

 The date was set, the question controversial and Bristol Water rose to the challenge and responded to “Do the Utilities still hate trees?” and did so admirably; you will need to read on to draw your own conclusion as to whether it’s a yes or no!

Here is a copy of the Bishopston Society letter sent recently by our secretary to the Council's Bristol City Transport  department:

 On the most recent visit on November 27th we were met again by a small team from Chatsworth Homes.

In July 2012, following a successful pilot scheme, Bristol City Council voted to bring in a 20 mph speed limit throughout Bristol.

On May 1st, John Mayne, the chair of the Friends of St Andrews Park, attended a meeting at the Bridewell police station.

Clive Stevens who is chair of our local Neighbourhood Partnership and chair of the Bristol Tree Forum is now our official ‘Tree Champion’, voted in to this unpaid post by the Neighbourhood Partnership.

The Bishopston Society welcomes you to the Bishopston area in Bristol.  Our area has accommodated university students for many years. We hope you will enjoy your time here.