annualflowers2With the help of a grant of £5,000 from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Community Action fund, and with additional input in the form of the expertise of BCC, members of Friends of St Andrews Park were able to effect their plan for a three-year project aimed at reducing anti social behaviour in the park.

The funds have provided for the sowing of beds of a rich mix of annual flowers, set out in the shape of spirals, swirls and petals on the southern slopes of the park. It is hoped that these will prevent the massing and concentration of large numbers of young people in this area, so that they are more evenly dispersed through the rest of the park.

Photos by Simon Randolph, taken on July 20th 2014. More can be seen at: Friends of St Andrews Park photos

An article appeared in 'The Guardian' (July 24th) which looks at the increasing use of these annual flowers beds (wrongly referred to as 'meadows') in parks across England here