bugmapSo all is under control and community voices are successfully addressing our transport bugbears?

Sadly not. Despite a successful consultation, Bristol Bugbears never published its results and the vast pool of crowdsourced citizens know-how appears to have gone nowhere.

Its web site is still visible (comment map illustrated) but says nothing about what Bristol City Council did, or is doing, with the project’s outcomes, and the current transport policy of the authority is silent on this waste.

All we know at the time of writing (April 2018) is that parking and 20mph limits are under review (since 2016) and local highway budgets were removed during the demise of Bristol’s Neighbourhood Partnerships, once heralded as the new dawn in involving local communities in public decision-making.

The new Area Committees now being set up across Bristol in 2018, as a partial replacement for some of the Neighbourhood Parterships' work, have been told the Council will identify some highway projects and tell them what to spend their local development funds (called CIL, or Community Infrastructure Levy) on. But there will be no local input or debate on priorities, nor community input into design.

This all means that a massive repository of good ideas, generated through listening to local community voices, remains available in the public domain, but it does not seem to have been put to much use and looks like remaining moribund.

So it looks like the resource cuts associated with the age of austerity we’re in are responsible for the apparent inaction. But the huge potential for partnership working between groups like us and the Council, to make efficient use of minor resources, should be taken into account in reviewing some of the resource wastage that appears to have taken place.

This is what's behind our response, and what you might wish to do to help....

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