facemaskWhat is air pollution? How is it caused? What's its impact on health? How bad is it in Bishopston? How can we clean our air? Do our own actions help? How can we talk to each other and work together to improve things?

This section helps you learn about these knotty questions, and signpost you to more and better sources of information about air pollution and clearer air.

pollutiontraffic0102aThis short video is recommended as a good introduction to the basic facts about what air pollution is doing to our bodies. Watch it here

This video gives useful hints on how to lower your exposure to air pollution from traffic. Watch it here

How effective are trees at reducing pollutants in the air? Watch the short video here

Brain Injury PictureHere is yet another scientific article offering more evidence of why we should be doing all we can to reduce air pollution and mitigate the effects of breathing pollution loaded urban air. Barbara Maher, professor of environmental science at Lancaster University, discusses the effects of air pollution on the brain. Read the article here

pollution childrenThis Guardian article by George Montbiot brings home very graphically the blinkered view governments are showing to the damage we are inflicting on the health of a whole generation of children. Change will only come about by people taking action themselves to overcome this political inertia. See article here

woodburning stoveIf you thought woodburning stoves were environmentally 'a good thing', then perhaps you should look at this: woodstoves .....and think again.

AirQuality3The following non technical presentation is a good way to acquaint yourself with the basics about Bristol's air pollution problems and the effects of air pollution on our health:  Basic Bristol air pollution facts

CAB logoBristol City Council is required to implement a Clean Air Zone (CAZ). They have announced the options they are considering and are expected to announce a final decision by the end of 2018. 

foewarningThe chances are that, if you are looking at this website, you are already aware of some of the worrying facts about air pollution and its effects on our health.

Either way, let's start with some basic facts about air pollution, the main sources and the substances that create it.

lifecourseAir pollution has increasingly been shown as having a serious effect on health, to the extent that experts have claimed we are facing a "public health emergency".

Let's look at the impact on health.....

bristolproblemWHO's air quality database showed 44 out of 51 British towns and cities had failed its tests for fine sooty particles smaller than 2.5 microns across. 


Is it possible, living in an urban environment, to avoid air pollution? The short answer is NO, not all air pollution!


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