facemaskWhat is air pollution? How is it caused? What's its impact on health? How bad is it in Bishopston? How can we clean our air? Do our own actions help? How can we talk to each other and work together to improve things?

This section helps you learn about these knotty questions, and signpost you to more and better sources of information about air pollution and clearer air.

AirQualityAir pollution and clean air is big news right now. But what are our politicians and local authorities doing to clean up our air?

We'll restrict our coverage of this question here to a quick summary of responses from Government, Bristol City Council and other cities.

facemaskCars don't pollute, people do! How much difference to clean air can we make as individuals? Is our behaviour responsible? Should it change, if so how might it?

These knotty questions are being hotly debated.

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