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Get updates here on selected items of news and view relevant to clean air in Bishopson. This treatment complements what you'll find via our social media feeds. Disclaimer! we are not pretending to offer a comprehensive news service on clean air! but other sections of this site point you to further information and definitive sources...

Title Published Date
Clean Air Bishopston – Jan '19 update 15 January 2019
Bristol and its air quality - and work on AQ and transport in other cities 08 January 2019
Are you feeling guilty in contributing to the 'school run' pollution load? 17 December 2018
Drivers could be fined as anti-idling zones to be introduced in Bristol 17 December 2018
Health professionals warn of polluted air winter health risk to children 07 December 2018
New research finds London air pollution reduces size of children's lungs 18 November 2018
New research links air pollution and childhood obesity 07 November 2018
'Political boldness' required to sort out Bristol's traffic problems 04 November 2018
Bristol's Air Quality monitoring and response to its illegal levels of pollutants 29 October 2018
Private car ownership soon to be a thing of the past? 29 October 2018
Yet another serious warning of the health dangers of air pollution 27 October 2018
'Bristol's Transport is in Crisis' says local environmental activist Seth Piper 19 October 2018
Latest Government 'Local Road Users Survey' results 07 September 2018
Young children and babies in prams at higher risk of exposure to traffic pollution 19 August 2018
Trees can help mitigate air pollution, but only partially 08 August 2018
Finally, government is examining health danger of air born particulates from traffic 30 July 2018
Newcastle way ahead of Bristol in setting up 'community-led air quality sensors 24 July 2018
Bristol now lagging way behind Manchester in encouraging cycling 30 June 2018
Claim on kids and cigarettes shocks Clean Air event 25 June 2018
Make your Clean Air Day pledge and come to our community call-out on 21st June 20 June 2018
Join the Bristol trend - jettison the car and take to your bike 15 June 2018
Clean Air Day Bishopston Poster available for sharing 12 June 2018
ClientEarth disappointed with government's NO2 plan consultation 31 May 2018
Workshop to build your own air quality monitor 29 May 2018
Bristol City Council's Clean Air Zone - what will it mean for Bishopston? 17 May 2018
“Public health emergency” drives project launch 17 May 2018
Local walks feature in May's Bristol Walkfest 05 May 2018
Plans being hatched for Clean Air Day Bishopston, 21 June 05 May 2018
....and in previous news 05 May 2018
ClairCity Skylines game – how would you run Bristol? 04 May 2018
Skylines comes to Bishopston 04 May 2018
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