skylineslogoDownload ClairCity Skylines, a brand new, free game for smartphones and tablets.

It's all about Bristol. It's up to you to make the air clean and residents happy.

The free game (available for iOS and Android) lets players decide what the city should look and feel like for the next 50 years.

Although the game is a bit of fun, the technology behind it is serious.

See if you can keep Bristol alive and kicking. You play your way around the city, deciding what you think the future should look and feel like for the next 50 years.

The data used to build the game – from the impact of building new roads, through to the health benefits of having more parks – is real. The winning strategies that players find will inform future scenarios for Bristol, looking for ways to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions while making sure residents are happy and the economy grows in their home town.

skylines1The game has been designed by ClairCity, a European project looking at how to improve wellbeing and reduce air pollution in cities.

For more information and to download the game, go to

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