logofullThe “Clean Air Bishopston” project was launched today, 17 May 2018, as the notion that air pollution represents a “public health emergency” becomes increasingly accepted and drives people into action.

Apparently, around 300 deaths per year in Bristol can now be attributed to the pollutants largely derived from road trafic. This shocking figure represents 8.5% of deaths in the city. And it compares with 12 deaths from road traffic accidents in Bristol in 2013.

Knowing this, a small group of local activists has been planning the project over a nine-month period following previous coverage of the issues by The BIshopston Society in partnership with Sustainable Bishopston.

We aim to build community awareness and demand for clean air locally by organising and advocating practical actions within the control of local citizens.

The project team lead, Nick Plant, said “We’re delighted that we can now finally reveal the fruits of our labour to the public by launching our web site, and we look forward to gathering further momentum in the coming weeks and months, to tackle collectively the public health, environmental and social impacts of air pollution and the desparate need for cleaner air".

"But as you'll see, launching this web site does NOT mean our work is complete - there's lots more to do and we're relying on recruiting more helpers to continue our campaign!", he added.

So please tour our new dedicated web site section, which will grow and develop as we recruit additional people to our team, to see what you think and how you can get involved.

We'd also be glad if you could also spread the word by mentioning bishopstonsociety.org.uk/cab to your friends and contacts, use our social media channels and consider Joining us now!

REMEMBER!: the Clean Air Bishopston team is small and purely voluntary, wants to do a lot more to enhance this web site and extend our project, but needs YOU!! Please get in touch with your contributions, comments, suggestions, offers of help, or for some other reason: click here to reach our contact form.