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nanoparticlesThis latest research finds billions of nanoparticles from exhausts and industrial processes are in our hearts, brains and probably every organ of our bodies. Further details on this can be seen in the Guardian article here

mayor rees

Defending the Council's long delay in deciding how best to tackle the city's air pollution, Mayor Martin Rees argues that it is essential to ensure social justice is not sidelined while taking action to achieve environmental justice. The interview with Air Quality News can be seen here


hedgeScientists at Lancaster University are about to test a scheme using different species of evergreen hedges planted along school fences designed to mitigate air pollution levels in schools adjacent to busy roads. Read more on this project here

childrenand air pollThis worrying video demonstrates how we are exposing children to dangerous levels of air pollution on a daily basis, both on the way to school and sometimes in school itself.

nano sensorsThis recently developed Swedish method for accurate measurement of air pollutants like NO2 -  and already operational, has the potential to cover wider areas than existing monitors and is probably also a cheaper technology. Let's hope Bristol will be lining up to be among the first UK cities to adopt these optical nano-sensors

Bristol trafficNearly 6 months after BCC was required by government to come up with full details of its policy on clean air plans, the decision (though still after being taken to be available for public consultation) will now finally be made on June 18th. For more details see here and here

wood burning pollThe air pollution that we breathe every day is largely invisible but it is killing us. How did it get this bad, and how can we stop it? Far from a modern day problem, scientists were aware of the impact of air pollution as far back as the seventeenth century.

Human HealthThis worrying new research summarised in the Guardian indicates that scientists have been underestimating the range and scale of damage that can be caused to our bodies by small particulate pollution.

CADBIntro2We've now completed our planning for Clean Air Day Bishopston, Thursday 20th June 2019, all day, at and around Boston Tea Party, Nevil Road/Gloucester Road, BS7 8PE.

congested trafficMany parents would move to areas with lower levels of air pollution - if they could afford it. The work of the charity HUBBUB and further details on this story here

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