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Clean air plan timetable 2At last some progress on Bristol's Clean Air Plan - but it still boils down to yet further delays. The timetable for the Plan indicates that it won't be ready to submit to the government until the last week of December 2019. For full details of the stages in the construction of the Plan, see the BCC pdf document

global warmingWe know air pollution has a range of detrimental effects on our health. You can find out more about these effects on our website here. But we may perhaps be less aware of the close causal link between increasing air pollution and global warming. This article  spells out how the two problems are inexorably bound together.

dirtyschoolsignThis is another initiative aimed at finding out just how serious are the levels of air pollution that childen can be exposed to both on the way to school and once in school. You can find out more on this story here and here

school cyclistsFive schools across Bristol; Bannerman Road, May Park, Cotham Gardens, Compass Point and our local primary, Brunel Field, are taking part in temporary road closures after school next week as part of Sustrans' and Playing Out’s ‘Big Pedal’ campaign.

cycling network 2At last some good news for cyclists. The government is giving Sustrans the responsibility of allocating the £21 million to various cycling projects. A further £2 million will be used to encourage more walking and cycling. See here for more details.

CADBIntro2 Thursday 20th June 2019 has been declared national Clean Air Day and we’ll be joining in locally.

car pollution 2If you feel BCC is dragging its heels on taking action to improve Bristol's air quality, you may well wish to sign this petition

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With this latest statement here from PHE, pressure is mounting on councils to stop parents from waiting in idling cars outside schools to pick up their children. Parents in Bristol are already mobilising on this issue - see cleanairparents

Bristol air pollution 01Marvin Rees' reply to the Undersecretary of State outlining the reasons for Bristol's tardiness in still not publishing its Clean Air Policy can be read here

See also the scrutiny commission on Bristol's Clean Air Plan document.

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