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Gloucester Road carsA recent piece in Bristol 24/7 looks at how cycling in Bristol is being encouraged by organisations like Bristol Bike Project. Zoe Banks Gross, scientist and community campaigner is working to encourage minorities and women to take up cycling.

bristol air pollution 3Large areas of central Bristol exceed the legal limits set for Nitrous oxide pollutants and particulates. The details of these data and the plans for reducing  levels to comply with the law can all be found at the BCC website here

Electric taxiA recent BBC article explains why electric driverless taxis are likely to be the most common vehicles on the road within 20 years. Read more here

airpollutionThis time it is the head of WHO who is spelling out to the world's politicians the urgency with which they need to address this ever increasing problem of the effects of air pollution on increases in our morbidity and on our health generally. Read his comments here

Traffic congestion Bristol 3 chris bahn 2Seth Piper, Local NGO environmental activist recently wrote a piece that was highly critical of BCC's policies on dealing with the city's huge traffic problem. In his article he says:

alt transportThis survey, published just over a year and a half ago, shows many people would be willing to walk and cycle more if these alternative modes of travel were made safer with improved physical road conditions such as separate cycle lanes and better maintained pavements.

buggy 2This rather worrying report highlights the greater levels of air pollution that children and babies face in buggies and prams in urban situations compared with the adults pushing them. See the report here

Leafy Bishopston seen from Sommerville Road August 3rd 18 Copy

Two new major reports assessing the effects of vegetation on reducing air pollution have just been published. They both estimate that levels of urban air pollution can be lowered to some extent by urban vegetation.

PM diagram CopyMicroscopic particulate matter, a serious contributor to air pollution from vehicles has until now, been largely ignored by the government and also therefore by many local authorities

Air quality monitorTo know how good or bad the air quality is in your neighbourhood and to inform any actions you may want to take to improve it, you first need to be able to easliy and accurately take the necessary measurements.

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