Get updates here on selected items of news and view relevant to clean air in Bishopson. This treatment complements what you'll find via our social media feeds. Disclaimer! we are not pretending to offer a comprehensive news service on clean air! but other sections of this site point you to further information and definitive sources...

Bristol air pollution 01The consultation, published on 29th May by the government’s Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU) seeks views on measures that the ‘third wave’ of councils could take to address nitrogen dioxide emissions under the government’s NO2 plan .

airapparentA local workshop has been organised in conjunction with Clean Air Bishopston at which air quality monitoring sensors will be built and kept by the participants.

cazmap1Options for a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) for Bristol have been published, and a major awareness campaign launched by the Council, but it's not yet clear whether we'll benefit from cleaner air in Bishopston.

The Council are using the new branding "Clean Air for Bristol" for their campaign.

logofullThe “Clean Air Bishopston” project was launched today, 17 May 2018, as the notion that air pollution represents a “public health emergency” becomes increasingly accepted and drives people into action.

BristolWalkFest2018Walking your way to better health and cleaner air is a major theme in Bishopston through the month of May and beyond.

The Bristol Walkfest includes some brand new walking tours of Bishopston on 14th and 21st May, and Walk to School Week takes place between 21st and 25th May.

cleanairdayThe Clean Air Bishopston project team is hatching plans for Bishopston residents and organisations to take part in this year’s Clean Air Day.

Taking place on Thursday 21st June, this national event is designed as a symbolic series of initiatives to inform and inspire the public to take action on air pollution.

newsThis section of our web site will be carrying occasional news report from the date of launch onwards (as well as aiming to keep you updated by signposting you to what the experts and specialists in this field are saying)...

.....but what about what went before this?

skylineslogoDownload ClairCity Skylines, a brand new, free game for smartphones and tablets.

It's all about Bristol. It's up to you to make the air clean and residents happy.

skylines2Through its association with the ClairCity project team, Clean Air Bishopston is bringing Skylines to Bishopston for some fun but serious community events.

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