BTPWe have an exciting series of events and activities lined up for Clean Air Day Bishopston 2019. There are no less than nine activities you can take part in (click on any item to get details):-

  1. Make a clean air pledge - any time 
  2. Get a free bike breakfast - 7 - 10am
  3. Visit the roadshow - 8 - 11am and 3 - 6pm
  4. Have some creative fun - drop-in 3 - 6pm
  5. Love your bike - 3 - 6pm
  6. Protect our kids - 3 - 6pm
  7. Get the facts - 3 - 6pm
  8. Join the conversation - 6 - 7pm
  9. Enjoy an evening walk - 7 - 8pm

All activities take place at and around Boston Tea Party, Nevil Road, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8PE - Thursday 20th June 2019 (times and exact locations shown in individual articles)

....and see "What else?" What next?" for other activities and related upcoming events

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DISCLAIMER: participation in all of our Clean Air Day Bishopston activities is on a first-come, first-served basis, and is subject to any numbers limits applying to the venue (especially in the event of wet weather). Attendance is at your own risk...and we hope you enjoy taking part!