Our final activity on Clean Air Day, Thursday 20th June 2019, features a Bishopston walk, following straight on from the evening meet-up at 7pm starting at Boston Tea Party, in which you can...

  • Join an easy midsummer clear air stroll around the quieter streets of Bishopston
  • Appreciate and discuss the (somewhat) better air quality away from our big main roads
  • Share your thoughts with other Clean Air Day participants
  • Learn about some of the neat historic facts from your walking guide
  • Get information about other walking activities

We've previously advocated walking as an alternative to causing pollution by driving. Our established web site section on walking for health and cleaner air in Bishopston says much more about this part of our project. As you'll see, we've helped map out some lovely local walks which enable you to appreciate our neighbourhoods better, get a bit fitter and make a small contribution to a healthier, cleaner air quality in Bishopston.

So this activity is very much focused on "walking the talk" in more ways than one! The walk will take in some of the boundaries of Bishopston, covering about 2 miles, and taking about an hour. You'll be guided safely around the route and enjoy commentary on local landmarks.

.....and don't worry, the route will avoid pollution hotspots like Gloucester Road. In fact the experts say that pollution levels drop off within short distances of the traffic that causes it, so into the bargain you may find out more about the science behind pollution and the opportunities you have in future walks for enjoying cleaner air spots.

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DISCLAIMER: participation in all of our Clean Air Day Bishopston activities is on a first-come, first-served basis, and is subject to any numbers limits applying to the venue (especially in the event of wet weather). Attendance is at your own risk...and we hope you enjoy taking part!