Some time ago, the Friends of St Andrews Park were asked by the BCC Neighbourhood Partnership Area-Co-ordinator to produce a list of priorities for the park.

There are three other parks in the Neighbourhood Partnership area (Cotham Gardens, Horfield Common (Bishopston bit), and Redland Green) and these others were also asked to list their priorities.  FOSAP decided to determine priorities by holding an on-line survey on their website ( asking participants to rank seven previously suggested ‘smaller’ proposals from 1 – 9.   The three most popular priorities were

 ·   To replace/refurbish play equipment as required.

·   After this, in joint second positions, were choices to provide a basket ball hoop on existing tarmac at the top of the play area and to provide a drinking fountain.

On November 21st the four park groups got together to agree a way of selecting projects for possible funding by the Neighbourhood Partnership.  It was decided to go for “Quick Win” projects that were easily achievable in the short term.  As and when more funding is available, other projects could be chosen.  So each park group put forward what they thought was a “Quick Win” and for St Andrews Park, the basket ball hoop was chosen.  FoSAP were told that there was unlikely to be much money available at the moment, but the council officers volunteered to look into the cost of a basket ball hoop and report back.  They also volunteered to look into the cost of a new water fountain though it was thought that this would be a more expensive option. It is hoped officers will report back sometime before Xmas.

FoSAP will still keep other priorities that have been put forward in mind, but funding for them might have to come from other sources.  Of the larger proposals that FoSAP has taken on, it’s good to see that the toilets are finally being refurbished by BCC.