1.  It’s that time of the year….  The students are moving out.

2.  Please remind your student neighbours to recycle as much as they can by :-
·Using the British Heart Foundation (BHF) red boxes that are located around student areas until the beginning of July.
·Calling  BHF on 08080 250 0030 or online at, they will collect bulky items free of charge
·Taking unwanted items to the city recycling centres at Days Road or Avonmouth.  Google ‘Bristol recycling centres’
·Paying £15 and having up to 15 bags removed by the Council.  Cheaper than a round of drinks! Google ‘Bristol Council Bulky waste collection’BHFlist

3.  BHF bins.  If you are reporting student fly tipping, whether it is on the phone, web form or fix my street, then start the description with ‘Student’, so that BCC can try to get some sort of numbers.   Time period is May 30th to July 8th.

4.  The items that BHF will not take this year are listed on the bins and reproduced here.

5.  Last year some of you will recall the problem with side waste by the BHF bins.  If it should happen this year please report online to BCC as fly tipping but again start the description as 'Student' .

6. Volunteers monitor Cheltenham, Gloucester and Ashley Down Roads and deal with new graffiti tags, flyposting, and fly tipping etc all through the week.
But we are a very small active band of volunteers and need new volunteers to help cover the whole NP area.  Summer is a good time to catch up all sorts of jobs around the partnership area as good weather and light evenings lend itself to group “Action hour”
If you have time for an hour here or there please get in touch.
The jobs could be anything from repainting a wall, marking recycle bins, attaching a net to a recycle bin, cleaning tags off wheelie bins, cutting back epicormic tree growth or vegetation growing over pavements, knocking on doors and obtaining permission to have graffiti tags
removed, talking to Traders about their trade waste, litter picking an area etc etc.

7.  If you have an idea for an “action hour” then do get in touch and we will try to support you.

8.  Do remember that you are welcome to come to one of our Tuesday 9.30am monthly Street Scene meetings.
Just contact Liz or Rob
Rob Umphray
or 07920 422407
Liz Kew
or 07979 691884