Floodlights seen from Cricklade Road   CopyWe hope to see many of you at the Residents' Meeting at 6.30pm on Thursday 21st March in the Premier Lounge of the Bristol Pavilion, Cricket Ground, Nevil Road. We have recently discovered that the Cricket Club has applied to increase its floodlight usage for 2019 from 15 times to 17 times, including 2 practice sessions.

We have met with the Club this morning and understand that the International Cricket Council has asked for 2 floodlit practice sessions in Bristol for teams which are playing in the World Cup Matches in Bristol.

In addition this is clearly a very busy season with:
3 International matches confirmed as being played under lights
4 Domestic matches being played under lights
5 further World Cup warm up and tournament matches which could require lights
Other knockout stages of county tournaments which could require lights if Gloucestershire qualified
The possibility of using lights for top up purposes during day matches if required.

The Club has stated that they will not exceed the 15 usages for matches as stipulated in their planning consent, but have asked for a total of 17 usages for 2019 only to allow for the 2 practice sessions.

We are keen to know what you think about this.

In 2016 we obtained confirmation from the Council (after they had taken legal advice) that practice sessions under floodlights are expressly not permitted under the conditions attached to the Club's planning consent and the Floodlight Usage Management Plan. We are concerned that even a limited ‘relaxation' of the conditions for this year only would set a precedent, and in the future increased floodlight usage and practice sessions could be applied for and more easily permitted. .

In addition, at the meeting with the club we expressed our disappointment that despite an undertaking from the Club that they would keep us informed as to whether such practices and an increase in floodlight usage were needed this year, we learnt of this application through other channels.

Please come along to the Residents' Meeting on Thursday (see above). There are other issues which need to be discussed (traffic, parking, crowd management, stewarding, community liaison etc) and you will be updated. Local Councillors will be attending.

Link to planning application: click here

Those of you who live close to the Cricket Ground should shortly receive a newsletter from the Club with information on matches, floodlight usage, floodlit practices and an invitation to the Residents' Meeting on Thursday.

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Please come along and share your experiences of last season, hear about plans for this season and ask questions.

This is your opportunity to engage with the Cricket Club and share any concerns you have.

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HowZat? Residents' Group