GCCCfloodsThe following information is taken from the HowZat Residents' Group newsletter:

We wanted to make you aware that Gloucestershire County Cricket Club has made further amendments to their attempt to change the planning conditions on Floodlight Usage, as granted in the original 2015 planning approval.

The deadline for submitting (or updating) comments is now Friday 10th May. Previously the Club was applying to increase the number of floodlight sessions from 15 to 17 for 2019 only and within this total to allow 2 practice sessions for the World Cup.

The present Planning Consent and Floodlight Usage Management Plan (FLUMP) do not allow practice sessions under floodlights. The existing planning conditions restrict their use to competitive cricket matches because of the impact on residential amenity.

The further amendments to the Planning Application continue to request an increase in the number of floodlight sessions for 2019 only from 15 to 17 to allow 2 practice sessions for the World Cup.

However, more fundamentally, they also propose to include practice sessions within the allowed 15 sessions for all future years, by both amending the original planning conditions and the FLUMP (Section 2.1).

The concerns raised about this include:

  • Planning permission for the floodlights was originally granted because they were needed for international cricket matches to ensure the viability of the Club and this outweighed residential amenity. This does not apply to practice sessions.
  • The change is likely to result in increased floodlight usage as unused sessions within the 15 allowed may get filled up with practices (although the Club are likely to keep some to use for poor light in end of season matches)
  • More importantly, once practice sessions are agreed and established, there is a possibility of the Club requesting additional overall usage in future years to enable more practices. This would then be hard for the Council to refuse, if it had accepted the principle of practice sessions under floodlights.
  • The FLUMP, section 4.5, says that the document should be amended only after consultation with local residents. This consultation has not taken place and the Cricket Club has made no attempt to consult on the latest changes.
  • The amendment represents a fundamental change to the original planning permission granted, and the proposed changes should be submitted as a new planning application, not an amendment. This should allow the appropriate resident consultations and for reasoned justifications to be submitted for such changes.

You may view and comment on the application here . We would ask you to make your views known.

The application is to be decided at the Planning Committee on 15th May.

Finally, please note this amended application is not connected with World Cup matches. These games will go ahead whether or not this application is approved.

Please contact us if you need further information. HowZat? GCCC <

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