More than 50% of Earth's population currently lives in cities. Although high-density living in compact cities reduces carbon footprints, pollution and damage to the countryside, there is near total separation between people and the ecosystems that support them.


So what is going to make living in the concrete jungle bearable? Can this tie in with adaptation to climate change? In this talk, Dr Mike Wells will propose that greening our living space by using "biophilic" or "vegetated" architecture is a prerequisite for successful urbanism in the 21st century.

He will add some thoughts about how this might apply to Bristol. Dr Wells is the author of many papers and articles on ecologically informed design and co-authored the UK's guidance on ecological impact assessment. As Visiting Research Fellow in Ecologically Informed Design and Masterplanning at the Bath School of Architecture and Civil Engineering he has been teaching green infrastructure design for more than 15 years.

Date: Thu. 13 Mar, 2014 19:30. The event begins at 7.30pm in the Upper Meeting Room at Friends Meeting House, Hampton Road, BS6 6JE. Members £2 (voluntary); non-members £6. Booking is not required.