A public question time debate with candidates for the local elections in Bishopston ward. All Bishopston voters are welcome.

Question time

On Monday 19th May 2014, 7.30 pm at St Michaels Church Hall, 160a Gloucester Road, BS7 8NT

Bishopston is represented on Bristol Council by two councillors, who are currently elected in alternate years and serve for four years. This year the position held by Councillor David Willingham (Lib Dem) is up for election in May (on the same day as the European Parliament elections). We'll be inviting all the Bishopston candidates to introduce themselves to us and answer questions from the audience. We're expecting a lively debate on Bishopston and Bristol issues - so join us to hear what the candidates have to say and why you should vote for them.

Questions will be taken from the audience and may also be submitted in advance to noting the following guidelines:

    All questions should be of relevance to all candidates – please don’t submit questions that target specific candidates. All candidates will be asked to answer each question and will not be given advance notice of questions.
    Questions should have local relevance to Bishopston and/or Bristol, rather than being of a national, global or party-political nature.
    All advance questions will be treated as anonymous unless you specifically give us permission us to mention your name.
    Please make sure your question is a question (we have had ‘questions’ which are just statements of opinion).
    We can’t promise to use all questions received and we may edit questions, combine similar or related questions, etc.

Hosted by Sustainable Bishopston  www.sustainablebishopston.org.uk   or     and supported by the Bishopston Society.