Tree forum meetingClive Stevens, Chair Bristol TreeForum says:  Dear Friend of Bristol’s Trees – We have a lively meeting arranged including Bristol University explaining how they manage their 5,000+ trees, the BCC PiPS team giving us a sample of primary school tree education......

.......discussion on the tree budget pruning, which the council now admits is a little too severe plus news announcements at the beginning. Agenda and Bristol Green Partnership project nominations attached.
Tree Forum 14th April: 18.05 prompt to 20.00 – City Hall

1. 60 second news update (lots of announcements, probably will take 15
minutes!) – If you have an announcement please email one sentence to Clive
with contact details for people to get further information
2. Bristol University talk (Alan Stealey / Michele Lavelle):
‘Tree Planting for Development in an Historic Managed Estate’.
3. TreeForum project nominations for Green Capital Partnership 2015

Tea break

4. A PiPS School Assembly (by Mellie May) – what the children are being
5. The truth behind the tree budget cuts (BCC)
6. ‘Public and Private Partnership in Sustainable Tree Management’.
Discussion paper by John Tarlton and Vassili Papastavrou (will be available on
the website – on the Sunday
Next meeting – provisionally Monday 30th June

TreeForum’s 3 project nominations for Bristol Green Capital Partnership 2015
as of 29th March 2014, other ideas welcome.

(1) Money grows on trees
Setting up a long term (external to the Council) funding stream for tree planting and
education. The idea would be to launch this in 2015 or 2016 as a CIC or even a charity to
attract funding, sponsorships and legacies to enable funding, grants and encouragement of tree planting in the public and private realm. With a board of directors including the Council, the TreeForum, maybe Bristol University/UWE and one or two major businesses we would consider schemes like sponsoring a whole road of street trees, grants to community groups to help them re-tree areas like parks and streets, even grants to the Council, talks to schools and school planting events; Also to attract legacies (via wills), private donations and possibly an online shop with art, “tree-shirts” and the like.

(2) Tree trails
Identifying, cataloguing and advertising ancient trees (e.g. via city tree trails / walks).
Ancient and veteran trees are of immense interest to many people, their history (what they have “seen”), the wildlife and creepy crawlies, the shapes and beauty brings us closer to nature in a city. The TreeForum already has this underway and the first leaflet “Northern Slopes” is done, we are keen to do city walks (e.g. Clifton tree trail) and so others are in the offing. Bristol University will be publishing a book soon too. The idea would be to bring this under the GCP umbrella to promote the identification of other tree trails, print the leaflets/put them online and so give some people another activity for a Sunday afternoon stroll.

(3) Designing-in Trees.

Increasing the awareness of local architects in the application of Bristol’s NEW Core Strategy (for development) and its supplementary policies DM15, DM17 and BCAP regarding trees and green infrastructure (possibly also the South Glos new policies too). These new policies are not yet widely understood but put obligations on architects and developers to take more account of existing trees and increase the level of mitigation planting and new planting on development sites. There are now a number of case studies where offsetting has meant paying money to the council or planting on nearby land and as always the devil is in the detail so appropriate literature, talks and case studies to help bring architects and the like bang up to date will mean trees are considered earlier reducing the costs and increasingthe tree cover of our city.