Memorial ground 1 2You are invited to contribute your views on the future of the Bristol Rugby Memorial Ground.

Please complete our short survey below to get your voice heard on this vital Asset of Community Value. Further details can be found via

 See also Jamie Carstairs' most recent update article on The Friends of the Memorial Ground here

A new group, Friends of the Memorial Ground, is being set up. If you would like to find out more, or are interested in taking part, you can  leave your name for Jamie to contact you.

Memorial Ground Survey

Would you like the Memorial Ground to continue to be a major venue for spectator sport?*
Would you like the Memorial Ground to carry on being an effective war memorial?*
If housing is built around the playing pitch, would you like the entrance gates and the playing pitch areas preserved for remembrance events and for recreation/playing/sport?*
The Memorial Ground has been designated (by Bristol City Council) as an Asset of Community Value. How would you like the community to benefit from it?
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