Bishopston is just one of several areas of Bristol witnessing clean air campaigns gathering momentum.

Bishopston Society is nearing the launch of “Clean Air Bishopston”, a locally-focused campaign we’ve set up in partnership with Sustainable Bishopston, Bristol Walking Alliance and councillors, as previewed here already.

Clean Air Bishopston’s lead, Nick Plant, said “The group is planning to announce a walking project, an initiative on public transport and traffic choices, and an information portal with ideas on how citizen-led responses can make a difference, as well as those we want the council or the government to do.”

They’re also going to declare Thursday 21st June as “Bishopston Clean Air Day”, in co-operation with the national Clear Air Day organisers, who are amongst a range of respected supporters the group will be unveiling at the forthcoming launch.

But we’re not alone, in fact a network of groups across Bristol is emerging, with the help of Friends of the Earth, and plans to coordinate local campaigns city-wide are afoot.

Meanwhile, Bristol Friends of the Earth are inviting everyone to complete their online survey on air pollution which can be found via Please take part in this survey. FoE can also be found at

…and if you are concerned about the quality of the air that we breath and can contribute to cleaner air in Bishopston or beyond, please mail to get involved. #LetBristolBreathe!