GRShopsMembers of the Bishopston Society and local residents have been asked to bring questions along to the forthcoming public meeting on Tuesday 17th April at Gloucester Cricket Club (7.15pm for a 7.30pm start).

Set up to examine the economic vitality of Bishopston, focused on Gloucester Road, the event will be run along the lines of the famous BBC Question Time programme, to ensure that the voice of Bishopstonians dominates whilst accessing the expertise of our guest panelists.

Our expert panel features Chris Wallace of The Gloucester Road Story (and Bishopston Society), Anne-Louise Perez of Gloucester Road BID, Peter Browne of GRE&T, Sarah Thorp of Gloucester Road Central and Eleanor Combley (Councillor for Bishopston and Ashley Down and Bristol City Council Green Group Leader).

  • ‘What do you get when you put three local traders’ representatives, a local historian and a leading Green Councillor in the same room together and invite the public to raise their own questions and comments?’
  • ‘Is Gloucester Road “the last great British high street” or was The Independent and the Mary Portas brigade preaching gloom and doom in 2004 with their famous coverage of the decline of the high street?’
  • ‘Can we mark up the successes and learn from recent history about our very diverse high street, celebrate what’s good about Gloucester Road, and work with traders and others to make improvements and secure its future vitality?’

We don’t know the answer to questions like this, but look forward to a serious but engaging examination of issues like this, balancing expert guidance from our panel with lay participation.

Though we’re not expecting David Dimbleby to be in the chair, the event will rely on questions, comments and discussion led by the audience, in BBC Question Time style.

Bring along your contributions or submit them in advance here. Anonymous contributions will be considered, in advance of or at the start of the meeting.

The meeting takes place on Tuesday 17th April 2018, at 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start, at Gloucester Cricket Club, Brightside Ground, Nevil Road, Bristol BS7 9EJ. Refreshments will be available and there’ll be chances to socialize.

Local organisations and others with “shout outs” from local groups announcements, news and views, will also have a slot before the meeting ends, in the Society’s legendary “Open Forum”.

Our previous article previewing this meeting, with background information, is still available: "Gloucester Road - the last great high street?".