ppgrabAnother web-based innovation by The Bishopston Society has just gone live as we launch the Bishopston Planning Portal following months of earnest software development and careful planning work.

Coinciding with a wider revamp of the Planning section of this web site, the Portal provides a view of selected planning applications in Bishopston via a friendly interactive map and easy-to-use and informative local database.

Nick Plant, Society Chair, said "The workings of the local planning system seem to be under challenge in the light of Bristol City Council's austerity measures, so now is the time more the ever for organisations like us to keep local planning applications under scrutiny and hold the planners to account. We hope that this initiative will help do this as well as sustain our commitment to enhancing the character of Bishopston by monitoring applications."

Examples of this urgent need became very evident just as the Portal was being prepared for launch. The return of the infamous Wetherspoons applications from years gone by, and the controversy about an antisocial late night café at 164 Gloucester Road, are amongst the recent applications we've made representations over.

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