ppteaserThe Bishopston Society is pleased to announce that our Planning Portal has now been relaunched.

This unique and innovative web service provides an interactive view of local planning applications that we are scrutinising, and often making representations to Bristol City Council on, on behalf of YOU, the members of our Society and other Bishopstonians.

New records recently just added to the portal, furthermore, are historically significant, by coincidence.

Today's relaunch follows a technical hitch which has caused an "outage" over a number of recent weeks, during which time the service was not working reliably. Bug-fixing and thorough testing has now taken place, however, so we have every confidence in the relaunched service, and hope you like it.

Please take a look - the planning portal can be accessed via pp.bishopstonsociety.org.uk/. More information about Planning in Bishopston can be found at www.bishopstonsociety.org.uk/planning.

Historic moment

The portal relaunch takes place by coincidence at the same time as a historically significant planning application went live. As many readers will have already seen, fresh plans for the Bristol North Baths have just been revealed. See our earlier news report on this, or our follow-up article on the upcoming public consultation, or go straight to the Planning Portal record for this application located here.

More information

Our previous coverage of the Planning Portal was published here, and more details are here. It was also written up by Chris Wallace, TBS member, community activist and software developer (to whom we are deeply indebted) in TBS' summer 2018 newsletter.