sus transportThe Bishopston Society public meeting at 7.30 pm on Tuesday Oct 1st 2019, at Horfield Quaker Meeting (300 Gloucester Rd BS7 8PD), will consider Sustainable Transport in Bishopston.

Increasing motor traffic in our area, with its concomitant serious parking problems in many Bishopston and St Andrews streets, Gloucester Road’s heavy, noisy traffic and associated poor air quality and its effects on our health, are examples of issues which are in urgent need of action if we are to improve our local environment.

Full details of the speakers, timings and agenda are given below.

Tuesday 1st October  -  7:15 for a 7:30 start at Horfield Quaker Meeting  -  300 Gloucester Road, Bristol BS7 8PD


  1. Welcome and introduction (19:30)
  2. Annual General Meeting (19:35)
      Annual report
    b. Treasurer’s report
    c.  Viability Group
  3. Alan Morris (Bristol Walking Alliance & Bristol Civic Society)  (19:50)
  4. Martin Garrett (Transport for Greater Bristol & Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways)  (20:10)
  5. Break for refreshments and networking (20:30)
  6. Tom Swithinbank (Bristol Cycling Campaign) (20:40)
  7. Tony Bowden (Living Streets)  (20:50)
  8. Discussion (21:00)
  1. Open Forum  (21:15)
  2.   Close  (21:30)

We hope the sort of questions that will be examined will include:

  • What might a future well developed sustainable local transport system look like?
  • What changes as individual citizens do we need to make/must make if we are to help bring about positive change?
  • What would we expect BCC to do to develop a working sustainable transport system?
  • What policies would we hope the next Mayor would impose to achieve such a system for Bristol?
  • What is the role of the regional transport authority in helping bring about these changes?
  • How much is all this dependent on Government support through legislation and finance?

Speakers are Alan Morris, of the Bristol Civic Society and Bristol Walking Alliance, and Martin Garrett, Transport for Greater Bristol & Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways. Tom Swithinbank (Bristol Cycling Campaign) and Tony Bowden (Living Streets) will also speak.

There will also be representatives of relevant organisations displaying their publicity/information material, such as Bishopston and St Andrews Parking Group (BOSA), Bristol Cycling Campaign and Living Streets Bristol.

Footnote: doors will open by 7.15pm, and a very brief (c.15 minute) Annual General Meeting of The Bishopston Society wil take place promptly at 7.30 pm, followed immediately by the public meeting as above. Please see our separate article on this subject, "Should Bishopston Society close down?".