You can take part in a new project that aims to identify and record the features that together make up Bishopston’s heritage.

As part of our Neighbourhood Festival week in the first week in May, the Bishopston Society is organising an ‘Our Place’ survey in which participating volunteers will use a series of simple symbols to begin to map the local area’s assets: architectural, historic, artistic and any other features considered to be of value to the community.
The morning will be led by Pete Insole, the chief archaeology officer of the Bristol City Council, who has already successfully helped produce similar surveys for Westbury and Lockleaze.
Initially, the survey will focus on an appraisal of the Gloucester Road Conservation Area, a part of Bishopston which has already been identified as sufficiently unique in architectural terms to be accorded such status.  Compiling a Local List of heritage assets through detailed mapping in this way can help to influence any future planning process so it is made aware of and can respond positively to this documented local knowledge.

This morning event on May 7th starts with a briefing from Pete at 10 am in the Quakers Meeting House, 300, Gloucester Road. The survey will finish around 1 pm. All are welcome to come and take part in this ‘Our Place’ survey.