Category   CommitteeFor the past seven years I have been the Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership representative on the committee of The Bishopston Society (TBS). I have enjoyed it immensely and have been pleased to see TBS engaging in the local political landscape and working in a collaborative way with other local organisations and our councillors.


This is a really good time for you, fellow members and residents interested in your locality, to become more involved in TBS, and help it fulfil its potential to be a force for good in promoting and improving the wellbeing of our area. The work that TBS is doing on the air pollution issue, and on planning issues are examples of this, but there are lots of other “wellbeing” issues in which you may have a special interest or particular skills and experience.
Now that the Neighbourhood Partnership, sadly, has been axed, I will be stepping down from the Committee in October , although I will continue to support it as a member and volunteer .The Committee will therefore be down to six after the AGM: this is scarcely enough people to do any pro-active activity, which we feel the community is looking for. If you have skills or interests in:

• Arranging public meetings ( a minimum of two a year) – the focus and content would be agreed by The Committee

• Contributing to our ambitious IT-based membership and communications work

• Supporting the newsletter production by suggesting subjects for articles and/or finding people to write articles

• Minute taking at our Committee meetings (up to 6 a year)

• Answering enquiries through our website which might require a bit of low key “research”

• Joining the debate within the Committee about how TBS could develop its strategy for the future.

Read “Join us on our Journey”  here and share your knowledge about what is going on in the community – for example how TBS could play its part within the Community Partnership which will replace the defunct Neighbourhood Partnership
Please contact us through our website contact page here and we can tell you more about the committee and what you may wish to do as a volunteer.
The Committee is informal and works on the basis that we help each other out and try to avoid individuals shouldering too much responsibility – we all have other commitments! It is also a good place to find out what is really happening in Bishopston…
So we look forward to hearing from you – join us on our journey!

Jenny Hoadley

Editor's footnote: The committee currently has a disproportionate number of men so we’d like if possible to encourage women nominees. We are also trying to improve our representativeness by encouraging younger people to get involved.”