partnersThe Bishopston Society works closely with a range of local like-minded community organisations, some of which are highlighted here.

We see collaboration with such organisations as a crucial way to work pursue our aims and objectives. A partnership development strategy is therefore core to our current priorities.

The Society is, to this end, working towards a more focused relationship with such organisations, and proposes to use the term partner to signify more explicitly the organisations that we recognise as having a close bearing on our work, and which recognise in exchange the bearing that the Bishopston Society has on their work.

No legally binding, nor overly formal, partnership agreements are envisaged, but we intend to refresh the informal agreement we have with each partner.

We will then present a list, here on this web page, of every organisation designated as one of our partners. Please contact us to check, if you wish, whether an organisation of which you are a member is being considered for designation in this way....

Meanwhile, we are highlighting for the moment one partner organisation that's been significant for us for some years already, with whom we have recently "renewed our vows", namely Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Community Partnership (BCRCP, formerly Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership).

.....but watch this space for specific details of our other partners, coming soon!

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