tcpaThe Town and Country Planning Association has just published a report that critically examines the implications for the quality of future housing if government proposals for further deregulation go ahead.

 The following extract from this Raysford Report indicates how seriously concerned we should be about the proposed changes to existing legislation.

"In 2011 ... the then Prime Minister, David Cameron, described planning as
the ‘enemy of enterprise’.

Since 2010 the English planning system has gone through a period of ‘radical’ reform and deregulation, but the outcomes for communities, the environment and the economy remain uncertain. Local government planning departments are under growing pressure to perform, but many report that they do not have sufficient resources, skills and capacity.
Evidence suggests that Local Plans have downgraded or removed policy on affordable homes, climate change and social inclusion. All of this is contributing to an increasing level of concern over the kinds of places that are being delivered. Are we building the kinds of communities that the nation needs and deserves?" from Raysford Report 2018.

The full report can be read here and a summary of it here 

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