planningapplicationsApplication Summary
Address: 24 Kellaway Avenue Bristol BS6 7XR
Proposal: Outline Planning Permission for the change of use of vacant land to accommodate a new 2 bedroom 2 storey dwelling with off street parking, refuse and recycling storage and secure external cycle storage, (access, appearance, layout and scale to be determined)


Customer Details
Name: The Bishopston Society

Comments Details
Commenter Type: Amenity - Residents Group

Comments: We would question whether a residential garden could be considered to be 'vacant land' for the purposes of planning. The 2 bedroom dwelling proposed needs to be replanned in order to comply with Technical House Standards, as the bedrooms are way below the 11.5m2 required and the living room is both too small and too narrow. The proposed study is in effect a third bedroom which is not achievable within the 79m2 overall area. Also, the driveway at the side of the house is only 2.4m wide, including the thickness of the proposed boundary wall/fence, which is too narrow to be serviceable. So the extent of garden required for the proposed house would need to be increased.

As submitted, we recommend refusal.

Update, April 18th. This application has been refused.