It is now almost a year since the Gloucester Road Cumulative Impact Area (CIA) came into operation. It is perhaps fitting therefore, to look at how successful or otherwise this scheme has been since the full Council’s approval of its designation, 11 months ago.

Its aim, by applying stricter criteria to any application for new or extensions of alcohol licences, was to confront four problem areas that are associated with excessive drinking of alcohol in public:-

  • The prevention of crime and disorder
  • Public safety
  • The prevention of public nuisance
  • The protection of children from harm.

By closely scrutinising new alcohol licence applications, the Bishopston Society thought that the Council would effectively put a brake on the rapidly increasing number of premises along the Gloucester Road that serve and/or sell alcohol.

In practice, this hoped for outcome would seem to have failed dismally. The list of applications and the outcomes of the deliberations by the Licensing Committee since August 2010 is given below:-

DatePremisesHours applied forOutcome
Aug ‘10 Grape and Grind, 101 Glos. Rd. ? Not opposed - Granted
Oct ‘10 McColls (near ‘Arches’) Extension to midnight Opposed - Granted
Nov ‘10 Portico Play, 64/5 North Road Limited daytime hours Opposed - Granted
March ‘11 Rimondos, 395 Glos. Rd. Daytime and evening hours Opposed – Granted evening hours only
April’11 Grape and Grind, 101 Glos. Rd. Extension to 10pm weekdays and 6pm Sundays Not opposed - Granted

May '11

No 1 Licensed Store, 7, Glos Rd. 24 hour licence Refused
May ‘11 Huong Gue Restaurant, 209, Glos. Rd. Monday to Sunday 12am- 11pm Granted  
June ‘11 J.V.C. Heaven for Food, 370 Glos. Rd. Extension of hours to bring Sunday into line with weekdays Granted  
July ‘11 Café Grounded, 421-425, Glos. Rd. Open to 11pm with live & recorded music Granted
Aug ‘11 Best Convenience Store, 3-5 Ashley Down Rd. 7 - midnight Granted
Aug ‘11 Kitchen, 31a, Zetland Road Extension of hours to 11.30pm Granted  
Sept ’11 Polish Market, 280 Glos Rd. 8.30 am to midnight Granted with limited hours to 9.30pm.
A map showing the Gloucester Road CIA and the full details of the BCC Licensing Policy can be accessed at the Council's website address here: