447 GLOUCESTER ROAD Application No. 15/04292/F

The Bishopston Society is extremely interested in this application for a change of use to a micro-pub.  This is a novel concept and small scale and locally sourced and based.

  Whilst we are concerned about any increase in alcohol premises within the CIA, we consider that this application by its nature and intent is a special case.

However, we would recommend that if the permission is granted then certain conditions should be brought to bear, including but not restricted to those set out below;

  •     The change of use should be limited to the current applicants, such that if the micropub is not successful that it cannot automatically be changed into a normal pub
  •   The size of the micropub should be restricted to the size currently proposed and that the premises cannot be extended into adjacent properties at a later date and in particular cannot acquire an open beer garden or terrace to rear which would inevitably result in noise and disruption to local residents
  •    The licencing hours should be restricted to the proposed 9pm closing on weekdays and 10pm at weekends, again to restrict noise and nuisance to local residents
  •    Opening on Rovers match days should be subject to a 6 month review and only plastic glasses should be used  

We would recommend that the planning conditions should be reviewed with local ward councillors Tim Malnick and Daniella Radice prior to any permission being granted.