One of The Bishopston Society's concerns for our area is pubs and other alcohol outlets. We are not opposed to alcohol sales,  local entertainment venues or social activities - far from it, they are integral elements of the vibrancy of Bishopston - but we are conscious of the cumulative impact of multiple venues. Hence our aim is to monitor licensing applications and make representations accordingly. The articles in this section cover the work we did in this area between 2010 and 2015. However since then we have had nobody looking after this work, so are asking potential helpers to contact us if interested in helping to revive this work.

Here is the response of the GCCC's solicitor to our letter of objection (see article elsewhere on the front page)

GCCC have applied for a new licence for the Cricket Ground covering sales of alcohol and the provision of live/recorded music, dance and ‘similar entertainment’.  Deadline for responding to the Council about this is Friday 12th July! 

Applicant name: Sachcithananthamoorthy Satheeswaran   Premises: Bobby's News, 457 Gloucester Road, Horfield, Bristol.

The 'Pound Plus' Convenience Store at 451 Gloucester Road has had its licence application refused, on CIA grounds.

We recently reported that Bristol City Council was setting up a new Cumulative Impact Area (CIA) on the Gloucester Road. This was welcomed by the Society. It was hoped that it would result in a more disciplined approach to the issuing of alcohol licences and a concomitant reduction in alcohol related crime and anti-social behaviour.